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For Sale-taking reservations 2020


There will be a few first fresheners available again this year/along with kids/and possble adults


2017- tested negative for CEA

2018- CAE, CL, Johnnes -negative

update: 11-28-19, blood draws will begin in Dec/Jan2019/2020

Prices listed are for animals picked up at our farm.  Additional charges for health certificates, crates, airfares, trip to the Buffalo Airport, boarding or other shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
There is a "Wish List with no deposit" this year to reserve a kid of your choice.  If you see a breeding that you like, please notify us as soon as possible, as reservations are first come, first serve to those who contact us.  Upon kidding day, the wish list folks will be contacted and provided is THEN, that you will have 1 week to make a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of 50%.  If the kid of choice is available, and you decide not to take it, your deposit is not refundable or reapplied to anything.  Your BALANCE is due at the time of 8 weeks/or if leaving on bottle....the day of pick-up.  If your balance is not received by the time kid is 8 weeks, then the kid will be resold.   All kids are bottle fed and therefore are expected to be picked up within two weeks, unless you have made other arrangements with us.("ready-to-go-time") We do reserve the right to retain any animal born here.
Boarding fees will commence at of $3. per day, per animal plus any additional expenses for that animal, for up to 30 days starting immediately after ready-to-go time, or immediately after the agreed pick-up date.
Kids not picked up at the ready-to-go date or agreed pick up date will be offered back for sale without a refund.  
Any adult or already weaned goat offered for sale must be paid for in full and picked up within 7 days unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
Our goats are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale, however we cannot control what happens once they leave our possession. 
No guarantees are given once the animal leaves our property.  
We do reserve the right to be first notified, with first option to purchase back,  should you decide you no longer want an animal purchased from here.
If we sell or place an animal that has some type of physical or minor health issue, it will be with full disclosure and with the buyers understanding any issues the goat may have.
We will work closely with people that are fairly new to goats, however, we reserve the right to refuse any sale when we don't feel our goats will receive anything but quality care. If you know nothing at all about goats, for the welfare of the animals, we urge you to do some research on goat care before making your first purchase. 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats are extremely loving and affectionate animals and the rewards to good care are healthy, happy goats and rich, delicious, nutritious milk!

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