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Accomplishments-  Please Note, current animals achievements will be on their individual goat pages.

SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 1* M(retired-to Cindy Bright-refernce only)
        AGS Grand Champion and Best Udder-under Todd Biddle Warrenton VA- May 2007
        AGS Grand Champion under Jean Lucas- Warrenton VA- May 2007
        AGS Reserve Grand under Rusty Repp- Mountain State Fair, NC-Sept 2007
        ADGA and AGS Grand Champion/Best Udder under John Pfeiler- Marion NC- May 2008
        ADGA and AGS Reserve Grand under Ed Cavanaugh Marion, NC -May 2008
        ADGA Grand SR Champion under Dan Laney- Rocky Mount, NC May 2008
        ADGA Grand Champion/BOB/BDIS under Brent Dietrich- Rocky Mount, NC May 2008
        ADGA and AGS Reserve Grand- under Ashley Veldjuizen-Peachy Keen Show- May 2008
        ADGA and AGS Reserve Grand under Will Pearson- Peach Keen Show- May 2008
        ADGA Grand Champion and BOB- under David Funk- Clemson SC June 2008
        ADGA and AGS Grand Champion/BOB/BDIS- under Todd Middle- Clemson SC June 2008
        BDIS under Daniel Considine- SC State Fair- Oct 2009
        Champion Challenge Winner/BOB- under Julie Matthys- TN Valley Fair- Sept,2011
        2011-ADGA National Senior Reserve Grand Champion
        2011-ADGA National First Place Dam and Daughter
        Champion Challenge Winner/BOB/Best Udder- undder Joh Pfeiler and Judy Quagliana- Tarvoro/Rocky Mount show, NC- May 2012
        Grand Champion/BOB from both Karen Smith and Pete Snyder- Shelby NC- June 2012
        2012-ADGA National 4th place 5-6 YR Old Milker/ First Place Dam and Daughter
        2013-ADGA National #rd Place 7 yr old Milker/First Place Dam and Daughter/First Place Dairy Herd/3rd Place Udder/First Place Produce of Dam/First Place Best 3                    SR Does
        BDIS(her fourth one) under Pete Snyder, along with Best Dairy Herd with her duaghters Kookie Doe & Butter Cup andDot Com/BOB under Robin Saum- NC State Fair -                    October 2013
         2014 ADGA Nationals- 5th Place 8yr old Milker/2nd Place Dairy Herd/2nd Place -3 Best Does/First Place- Priduce of Dam/3rd Place Dam and Daughter
CH J-NELS ER ERICA- (sold-refernce only)
          Jr Grand Champion- under Tom Considine- Sept 2008
          Sr Grand Champion- under Cullen Owens- May 2011
          Sr Grand Champion- under Jean Lucas in June 2011
SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe 3*M-sold, reference only
         First at Goats in Gatorland- 3/2011
         Junior Grand Champion - under Amy Akramoff- Clemson, SC in 5/2011
         Sr Grand Champion- under Todd Biddle and Gary Whitehead- Clamson, SC in 6/2012
         BOB/BDIS under Jean Lucas- Shelby Show- 6/2012 with her daughter Chocolate Chip being named best Jr Doe in Show in that same weekend
         Best Sr Doe in Show- Jean Lucas at Tennessee Valey Fair in Spet 2013
SGCH CuAtLilRedBarn Bezoar-(sold-reference only)
         1/3 that won us title of Best Dairy Herd 5/17/14 Burton, Ohio
          Grand Champion 6/7/14 Western PA DGA- leg won
          Reserve Grand Champion 6/7/14 Western PA DGA
          Grand Champion 6/14/14 Central NY Dairy Goat Society- 2nd leg won
          Reserve Grand Champion 6/21/14 PA Dairy Goat Association
         Grand Champion(Finished nowGCH) 6/2/15 Franklin, PA
         2016-Earned SG status
CHCloven Trail Pip Pip Hooray- sold, reference only
          Dam And Daughter 5/17/14 Burton, Ohio (daughter was Udderly Topnotch Zeehva)
          Canadian Grand Champion 6/30/12 Niagara Frontier Dairy Goat Association
          Grand Champion 6/30/12 Niagara Frontier Dairy Goat Association- Restricted Leg won
          Grand Champion/Best Udder/Best in Breed/part Best Diry Herd- 2nd leg won- Erie County Fair Hamburg, NY 8/17/15
          Grand Champion/Best Udder/part of Best Dairy Herd-(CH pending) Mumford, NY 10-3-15-15
          2015-Earned CH status
          2016 ADGA Nationals- Harrisburg, PA.-  4rth place in the 5 year old class with 3rd place Udder/part of our 5th place Dairy Herd
SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzle 3*M-sold to Ralp Tran, reference only
         Jr Grand Champion- under Melinda Butler at Goats of Gatorland, Fla in 3/2013
         Jr Grand Champion- under Robin Saum- NC State Fair
         Sr Grand Champion-under Kris Fraley- Shelby, NC 6/2014
         Sr Grand Champion- under Tracy Stampke- Shelby NC- 6/2014
         2014 ADGA Nationals- 14th place 2yr old milker
         2015 ADGA Nationls- 1st Place 3 yr old Milker/ Reserve Grand Champion/Resrve Grand Udder and Part of Dumplin's 1st Place Produce of Dam
         2016 ADGA Nationals- Harrisburg, PA- 5th place 4 yr old/part of our 5th place Dairy Herd
         2016- Earned her SG status 
         2017- ADGA Nationals- 6th place 5 yr old/part of our 8th place Dairy herd
         2017- Best in Breed 2x/ Best Doe in Show-1x
         2017-2x part of our first place Best Dairy Herd, Allegany Co. Fair/Erie Co. Fair
          Jr Grand Champion- under Dan Young- Shelby NC 6/2013
          2013 ADGA Nationals 8th Place Jr Yearling
          Sr Grand Champion- under Evan Evans- Carrollton, GA 5/2014
          Sr Grand Champion- under WIll Pearson- Carrollton, GA 5/2014
          BOB- under Dan Considine- MT Fair NC in 9/2014
          2014 ADGA Nationals- 2 yr old Milker
          BOB/Best in Show- under Barb Norcross- Mt Fir, NC- 9/2015
GCH J-Nels LY Holy Tara 4*M-sold, reference only
         Best Jr Doe in Show-under Will Pearson Carrollton, GA- 5/2014
         2014 ADGA Nationals- 5th place Jr Yearling
         SR Reserve Grand Champion- under Ed Cavanagh- FLA State Fair- 2/2015
         SR Grand Champion--under Barb Norcross in 9/2015
         2016-GHC SR Doe- Syracuse, NY 
         2016- earned her GHC status
         2016 ADGA Nationals- Harrisburg, PA, 5th place 3 yr old class
CH CuAtLilRedBarn Wanda- sold to Ralph Tran
           Reserve Grand Champion 6/14/14 Central NY Dairy Goat Society
           Grand Champion/Reserve Grand/Best Udder/part of Best Dairy Herd 6/13/15 Nigerian Specialty at Syracuse, NY First Leg won
          Reserve Grand/part of Best Dairy Herd-Erie County Fair Hamburg, NY 8/17/15
          Part of Best Dairy Herd Mumford, NY 10/3/15
          2016- GCH/BDIS- Burton, OH
          2016-GCH SR Doe-Walton, NY
          2016- Earned her CH status
          2016 ADGA Nationals- 1st Place 3 yr old/1st place Udder & part of our 5th place Dairy Herd
          2017- ADGA Nationals- 3rd plce 4yr old/ 9th Place Dam & Daughters/ 8th place Produce of Dam
          2017-1x Championship Challenge/Best in Breed
          2017- 2x part ofour first place Best Dairy Herd- Allegany Co. Fair/ Erie Co. Fair/1x 1st place Dam and Daughter
          2016- earned 1 restricted CH  leg
          2016 ADGA Nationals- 2nd place 2 yr old with 2nd place udder
          2017 2x GCH finishing her/ 2x part of our first place Best Dairy Herd
          2017 ADGA Nationals- 10th place 3 yr old/ part of our 8th place Dairy Herd 
          2018 Champion Challenge winner Erie County Fair-Best in Breed
          2019 Champion Challenge winner- Mid Ohio DGA-Best in Breed
          Earned  her Milk Star One Day Test in 2019
CH J-Nels L Oatmeal/Raisin- sold to Ralph Tran
               2016- 1x GCH
               2017 2x GCH, finishing her
              2016- GCH Jr Doe- Syracuse, NY (earning Restricted leg)
              2017- 1x GCH, unrestricted leg won -Erie Co Fair/1x part of our first place Best Dairy Herd 
              2017- ADGA Nationals 18th in yearling milker class
              2018- 2x Reserve Grand
              2019- 2x Reserve Grand
Udderly Topnotch BB Legacy
              2017- ADGA Nationals- 14th Yearling Milker/8th Dam & Daughter with her mom Wanda, 9th Produce of                                Dam with Wanda
              2019- 1x Reserve Grand
             2017- ADGA Nationals- 11th Sr Yearling/part of our 9th place Best 3 Jrs
             2017- 1x RGCH
             2017- GCH JR doe/Best in Breed/Best Jr Doe in Show- restricted leg
             2017- ADGA Nationals- 12th place Int. Kid
Udderly Topnotch PR Craisin- sold to Hanna Erion
             2017- GCH JR Doe- restricted leg
             2017- ADGA Nationals- 9th place Int. Kid
              2017- ADGA Nationals- 8th place JR kid/part of our Best 3 Jrs- 9th place
               2017- ADGA Nationals- 16th Jr Kid/ first place in her age group Erie County Fair
               2017- ADGA Nationals- 15th Int Kid
                2017- ADGA Nationals- 20th Int. Kid
                2017- 3x RGCH
CH Wildwind Farm Epic-(sold- for reference only)
             Reserve Grand Champion 5/17/14 Burton, Ohio
             Grand Champion 5/2/15 Altamont, NY
             Reserve Grand Champion 5/2/15- Altamont, NY
             Reserve Grand Champion- 5/16/15, Burton, OH
             Grand Champion/BBIS- Franklin, PA 6/6/15
             2016- Grand CH/Best Buck in Show, Burton, Ohio
            2016- Accomplished his CH Status
           2017- 1x RGCH
CHJ-Nels L Legendary Journey *B -sold to Ralph Tran
            2016- Buck Bananza- Altamont, NY- 4 ring show/JR  Grand Champion all 4 rings
            2019- 3x CH and 1x Best In Show
CH Helderberg MO Prophet -sold to Ralph Tran
            2017- 3x GCH, finished
             2018- 1xReserve Grand/2xCH/1 Best in Show

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